Potion of Temporal Skew

What it's called.

Liga Berries, Talotia, Blood tree bark, SkitterGig brains, Casillag liquid, Alzatel pituitary gland, liquefied ruby.

Extremely Rare


Temporal Skew gives the imbiber hallucinations and sends them on a magical joyride through time. They will have visions of the past, present and future (as it applies to themselves). During this time, they will operate very poorly in the real world, and will seem as if they are completely drunk or on some kind of drug (which they are). They may or may not recognize things that are occurring to them in reality, and will constantly confuse their visions with what is really happening around them.

The effects of this potion last ~ one day.

The only advantage of this potion is that it can sometimes reveal information that is hidden to the imbiber. This information can relate to the past, present or future, and is usually focused on something that did or will happen, and what the decisions were that led up to that occurring. If you use Temporal Skew wisely, you can alter your course into the future by choosing different events than the ones you saw in your visions.

If they're a friend, you'll want to keep them out of harm.

It's almost impossible to tell reality from your visions.


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