Potion of Haeriscav

Powedered oblivion, Essence of Orc, calex snot, powdered bibble bee, powdered rock-troll toenails.

Extremely Rare

Very Expensive

Makes the imbiber completely immune to the effects of psionic telepathic and empathic effects. It also makes them impossible to detect as a mental structure through the use of psionics. Effectively, the imbiber's mind ceases to exist as it would normally exist for telepathics and empathic psionics. Psis can no longer identify or detect this person's mind, and therefore cannot effect it using any form of psionics that would interface with them mentally.

This does not alter the imbiber's susceptibility to physical psionic effects such as pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, telekinesis, etc. It only protects and masks them from telepathics and empathics.

The effects of this potion typically last 24 hours. And one vial has enough in it for three uses.

This is a defense, not an offense. And all normal physical effects still apply.

Makes telepathic communication (even through a link) impossible. Makes it impossible for this individual to enter the Ultralatim. Makes it impossible for this individual to use ANY psionic abilities until the potion wears off. In general, psionically powered individuals should probably avoid taking Haeriscav as it will remove their power for a time.


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