Potion of Dimondril

Liquefied diamonds, Orc embryonic fluid, powdered iron pyrite, powdered gold.

Extremely Rare

Extremely Expensive

Dimondril is a super healing liquid elixir that can set virtually anything to right with the body. If completely nullifies the effects of pain, removes all poisons and toxins from the system, forces the process of regeneration to begin, kills all known diseases, repairs organ damage, and generally fixes everything.

One dose of the elixir will last for one day. To regenerate fully, you'll need to keep taking it. A lost limb will usually require at least 14 days to fully regrow. Although, because of the addiction factor, you're better off seeking a different potion if you want to regrow a limb.

Poisons and diseases will be nullified completely with one use, and will not return unless they are magical (such as a curse).

Because dimondril is made primarily from liquified diamonds, it's extremely expensive to produce, and extremely expensive to purchase. You can sip this stuff to eliminate pain and diseases, making one vial last for many uses, but if you need serious healing from it, you'll have to take the entire vial.


It is extremely addictive. Anyone who has had dimondril more than once will be addicted to this substance and will want more. The addiction requires that the character will go out of their way to obtain the elixir. After four doses, the character is completely addicted and will lie cheat steal or murder in order to get this material. For this reason, alchemists are VERY reluctant to give it to people.


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