Potion of Grimace

Also know as Yalakue Dalamay, Depression

Essence of Moonflower, Lor`ya blood, Sand Tiger urine, lithium, powdered banta milk, drover vomit.

Extremely Rare

Moderately Expensive

Grimace was developed by a bipolar alchemist of great reputation. He sickened of being up and down all the time, and longed for emotional stability. When he was manic, he produced incredible works, but his fits of depression nearly drove him to suicide. To rectify the problem, he developed Yalakue Dalamay, a potion that equalled out his manic-depressive state and bestowed upon him great peace. The only problem was, it seemed to limit his creativity. And the best works from this alchemist all came from before he developed this potion and when he was in his manic "up" state.

If this potion is given to a bipolar individual, it will even out their disorder. And though it also has the effect of limiting their creative genius, that won't matter much to people who don't use it anyway. Your typical bipolar gladiator, for instance, is going to benefit from this potion far more than they'll lose.

For non-bipolar individuals who imbibe this potion, it's going to make them into a deep state of unstable depression and/or make them extremely manic.. All the happiness in their lives will be washed out of them, and they'll know only of depression and saness. For this reason the potion is typicall known as Grimace.

The effects of this potion last ~ one to two days, depending on metabolism.

Note: Grimace, when taken by those inflicted with violent psychosis, causes them to become far more calculated. For some reason having to do with their brain chemistry, psychotics gain an enhancement in intelligence when using this potion, and a decrease in their emotions. They become far more dangerous, more cold and more calculating in their attempts to kill.

If you're not psychotic or bipolar, it's best not to take Grimace.

It limits creativity in bipolar individuals, depresses normal people, and changes psychotics into calculating seriel killers.  


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