Potion of Liquid Skin

Holy water, banta sweat, calex eye fluid, liquified emerald, drummit snot, gort berries, falcon blood, powdered copper, zinc, boiled yu bark.



Converts the drinker into a clear liquid that appears as water but remains all part of one big "blob" due to magical tension on its surface. In this form you can slip through cracks, seep into the floor, and fit into containers. It is most commonly used to gain access to locations with entry points too small to fit through normally.

Magical weaponry can still damage the liquid, and when the reconversion occurs, the victim will have suffered that damage. As to exactly where on their body the damage occurred, that is up to the victim to determine.

Being separated (cut in two) or reforming inside a container when the potion wears of can kill you. Separation can occur only if the liquid blob is "cut" in two by something. And even then, if they two halves rejoin before the reconversion, the drinker will not be harmed. It is only if they reform while the blob is split that they will suffer damage and reform as spearate pieces.


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