Potion of Ferocity

Also known as "Feral," "Beast," and "Rage"

Human pineal gland, Elven adrenal gland, ground ants, liquefied sulfur, fluorine, iodine, black scorpion venom, ground rayv testical, bibble bee wax.


Moderately Expensive

Ferocity is a combat enhancer. It is sometimes taken by gladiators and soldiers prior to battle. It slightly increases the imbibers strength and speed, but only about by half. This is an advantage, but not a great one. The more useful effect is an increase in endurance and a decrease in sensitivity to pain.

Those on Feral in combat are more dangerous than they would be without it. It can turn a bad warrior into an adequate one, and an adequate warrior into an excellent one. Warriors on Feral will ignore minor wounds and keep coming. They will move quicker, and be faster at dodging and parrying. They will also seem tireless, and able to continue combat far longer than normal.

The effects of the potion typically wear off in about 5 hours or 12 posts, whichever comes first.

While Feral increases a warrior's combat prowess, it does not make him/her invincible. Proceed with combat as normal, but be aware that your opponent may be operating at higher speed and strength. For this reason you may wish to post about that, and to write about your surprise at this (particularly if this is someone you have fought before).

There is a "crash" when you come down from this Ferocity. For the next two hours after the potion is gone from your system, you will be slow, sluggish and very tired.



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