Potion of Irrationality

Celcer gas, fenroc brains, essence of casillag, Saktus Hectapi root, blood tree pitch.


Moderately Expensive

There isn't much call for this potion, although it's a nice curse to put on your enemies if you can get them to drink it. It was originally developed by an alchemist at the request of a Prince who wanted to rule a kingdom, but didn't want to kill his father. So he had the alchemist develop this potion, and secretly put it in his father's food. The king became so addled that the court had him kept in his quarters under guard while the Prince basically ruled the kingdom.

Irrationality is exactly what it sounds like. The imbiber becomes unable to make rational logical decisions, and what seems to make sense to them is completely unreasonable. A question like, "what shall we do about the bandits who are raiding our caravans?" might result in an answer like "give every second child in the kingdom a good bath and then YOU drink all their bathwater."

Obviously this type of mental behavior is completely "out of the loop" when it comes to functioning in daily life. And people imbibing irrationality will not be able to function well in society.

The potion is tasteless and easily disguised in food or drink. It lasts approximately two days.

Don't try and make sense of it.

It's got no benefits to the imbiber.


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