Elixir of the Pheonix

Fyryn blood

Incredibly Rare

Not for sale at any price

Drinking this will kill you. In its raw form, Fyryn blood is far too powerful for mortals and will cause spontaneous combustion to occur. It is primarily used as a reagent in other potions and elixirs. Although if you can trick someone into drinking the raw form, it does make a nasty poison.

The Phoenix is a mythological creature that does not really exist here. The ancient Fyryn, however, does exist. It is an animal of elemental fire that makes its home near live volcanoes. The magical forces that allow it to survive are ingrained in every portion of its body, but strongest in its blood. For this reason it is a great reagent in many powerful potions and elixirs and is considered to be an incredibly rare and valuable commodity.

Don't drink it, under any circumstances.

Causes spontaneous combustion in almost all life forms.



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