Potion of Raging Sky

(Cloud of Gloom).

Methane, propane, butane, lithium, liquefied emerald, powdered ants, Orc urine, Viedric holy water, mud.


Moderately Expensive

This potion used to be a curse. It was given to people as a practical joke more than anything else. But since the coming of the desert it has become a blessing, and is now a potion that desert travellers often desire.

When taken, the imbiber is followed by a small dark cloud that continually shades them from the desert sun. This cloud produces no moisture, and maintains its position in the sky at an angle so that it always shades the imbiber. In times when water was more common, the cloud continually poured rain down on the imbiber, but now it just hovers.

Wealthy nobles who know of this potion have been known to purchase it for long desert journies to keep themselves comfortable.

Because the cloud pinpoints your position, (when you're underground) it is occassionally used by spelunkers and miners who have spotters on the surface so that they can mark the surface areas where gems and precious minerals have been found. (They take the potion when they've found something and stay stationary for a while).


This has no real effect underground or indoors, although if you're deep underground the potion will still form a cloud on the surface that will follow you around, pinpointing your position. On the surface, the only disadvange to the cloud is that enemies may notice it, and if they're aware you've taken the potion, they can track you this way. This, however, doesn't happen too often.


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