Essence of Ork (reagent)

Orc blood and spinal fluid, powdered hematite, liquefied limestone, potassium glutonate, mint extract.

Extremely Rare

Insanely Expensive

The essence of Orc is used as a reagent in other potions, but by itself it initiates and sustains the process of regeneration in most life-forms (including human, Elven, and Dvorkinnian). It does nothing to eliminate diseases or poisons, or to increase the speed of healing, but it does force the body to begin re-growth of missing limbs and organs at a normal rate. At this rate it can take six months to a year to regrow a missing limb, making the process expensive and time-consuming. For this reason it is usually combined with other potions as a reagent to force regeneration while the other potions increase metabolic speed. But by itself, the Essence of Orc DOES do the job when plain old regeneration is the issue.

Note: there are also a few other uses for this liquid other than regeneration. It is a factor in potions effecting psionics, and is a reagent in them as well. This, however, is not general knowledge and only understood by those alchemists that have spent time researching and learning about the effects of mental abilities and how they operate.


It's too slow.


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