Potion of Messario

Liquefied heborite, liquefied jade, morning dew, tears of a dragon, tongue of a holy warrior, sunlight, rose petals, dragon blood, mercury, phoenix elixir.

Incredibly Rare

Insanely Expensive

Messario gives those who imbibe it a messiah complex and absolute belief in themselves (or as close as a mortal is going to get). It is a very rare potion, and believed to impart permanent effects.

Those who drink a potion of Messario become pious, calm and patient. They come to possess wisdom and peace. The universe fits together for them, and they understand their own place in it, and their own destiny. They know humility, and are easily amused by their existence on this world.

In combat, an imbiber of Messario will have extremely enhanced perception and the ability to parry and dodge with amazing foresight. They are almost never struck by a weapon unless they wish to be struck.

In conversation, an imbiber of Messario will seem incredibley wise, and their words will carry great weight. They can sense the future, partially, and can give advice based on what they feel is the correct path into destiny for the person they are talking to. In essence they have gained a limited psionic precog capability that is specific to the person they are speaking to. And while they may not know all or specific details, they will still know enough to "wow" anyone they speak with and to aid anyone who confers with them in finding their correct destiny. When they are speaking to a crowd, their eyes may glow slightly, and sometimes they may be surrounded by a faint golden aura.

Miracles have been preformed by those who have consumed Messario, although the exact nature of these miracles is unknown, as is their capacity. The imbiber of this potion, however, does have the ability to petition the mods and admins of the site for a miracle, and (storyline willing) such a miracle will be granted if it is logical and does not disrupt the fabric of the plot to a great extent.

The full effects of this potion typically last about four days.

This potion is very rare, so it's not usually a problem. But if you do have to enter combat with someone who has imbibed of Messario, the best thing to do is to avoid fighting them and to speak with them instead. Typically those who have consumed Messario prefer to talk rather than fight, and will not attack unless they are being attacked.

Even after the effects pass, the imbiber is left with somewhat of a complex. They can no longer sense the future, but they can remember what it was like, and what it was like to know their place in the universe. As such, they are extremely humbled by the experience, and often show a wisdom beyond their years.


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