Potion of Blood Fire

Feud, Fury

Essence of Orc, eye of calex, liquefied ruby, rayv sweat, ogre adrenal glands, sugar, mint, rended brains of a great warrior.

Incredibly Rare

Extremely Expensive

Blood fire is a combat enhancement potion developed by an alchemist who had a child that was both ignorant and weak. The child grew to be a man, but was never much of a scholar or a warrior. To give his child some degree of greatness in life, the alchemist worked feverishly to produce Blood Fire: a potion that could turn anyone into a mighty powerhouse.

This drug triples speed, triples strength, increases tactical intelligence and creativity, increases the speed of healing, and increases endurance and durability.

  • Speed: Triple normal speed.
  • Strength: triple normal strength
  • Intelligence: doubled
  • Tactical Creativity: enhanced.
  • Endurance: double normal.
  • Durability: skin equal to reaper hide, triple bone strength

Using this potion, the alchemists son became a great gladiator, and was famous in many places for his tactical skill and incredible strength and speed. Unfortunately, when his father passed away, he ran out of the potion and was quickly slain.

The formula, however, lived on in this alchemist's writings, and the instructions for the creation of Blood Fire were passed on into alchemical lore. They can still be found in schools of Alchemy were such arts are taught. It is not easy to make though, and the required reagents make it expensive and difficult to produce.

Blood Fire lasts for about four hours, or 12 combat posts, whichever comes first.

When in combat against a person on Blood Fire, the best defence is to simply run. If this is not possible, attempt to engage them at range where their strength and endurance are no longer a factor.

Each use shortens the imbibers lifespan by about a year.


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