Monkey Fungus (Reagent)

Only for use as a reagent.

Extremely Rare

Cheap (if you can get it)

Monkey fungus grows around the anus of certain adult monkeys who have been exposed to heborite and forced to drink liquefied ignecium. It is not known who first thought of pounding heborite up a monkey's butt and then forcing them to drink liquefied ignecium, but whoever did so must have been extremely wise, for they discovered that the fungus which grows on the anus of such monkeys has intense magical properties.

Monkey fungus by itself has no useful effects and simply smells bad. However, when it is rended down in an infusion of certain other berries and herbs (that are easily obtained) a reaction occurs that causes the fungus to absorb magical power directly from the etherial realm. In essence, it forms its own ethereal conduit and binds the substance to a source of intense magical power. (Read the treatise on magic for more information about this).

Because of this, certain potions (primarily those involving the alteration of shape to another form) use Monkey Fungus as one of the reagents. And alchemists who specialize in polymorph-type potions tend to keep a collection of displeased monkeys in their laboratory to ensure a ready supply of this valuable substance. I should note that most alchemists typically procure an apprentice whose task it is to scrape the anus of these monkeys.


Monkey fungus, in its pure form, smells horrible. And getting it from the monkeys can often result in physical injury if suitable restraints and protective equipment are not used.


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