Potion of Fael

Bane of the Melancholy

Moonflower petals, baked fricken skin, Fricken egg shell, liquified ruby, powdered clay, a piece of a rusted weapon that has touched an enemy's blood, spit of a jester, Urine of a mating Calex



The drinker of this potion will feel their spirits lifted as if they are under the influence of a drug. For the next twenty-four hours they will have nothing but happy dreams and great times. Even the saddest of occasions will give them reason to laugh. This potion can become addicting to depressed peoples badly in need of its effect.

Not really applicable...I guess not go near the person

It is addictive
Ocassionally the effects will not be enough for a user, as it dulls each time. The jester spit will be added in higher concentrations for stronger potions, but still it might not be enough. Too strong a potion can put a person into a shock-induced coma from the sudden rush of happiness


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