Potion of Aquimszey

Ethanol, mud from a magic Null Zone, Drover urine, spinal fluid from a philosopher, hair from a clumsy gladiator, sunlight, liquefied opal, powdered fire ant wings.



Aquimszey is often considered a potion of clumsiness. The imbiber is not harmed in any way, but for the next 24 hours (one day) they will suffer from complete clumsiness. They will trip over their own feet, knock into walls, and tables, drop things they are holding in their hands, completely miss if they fire a projectile, typically fall on the ground if they swing a weapon, and generally act like they have no sense of balance at all. It is not a position one would want to be in, and certainly not a potion anyone would choose to drink.

Aquimszey has been used in Ivanhelm to cheat. And that's it's primary purpose. It causes expert gladiators to loss their matches. And it works on animals as well, so it's not unheard of for an opponent to slip it into the water of the lead Drover or Reaper in a race. Obviously it is illegal for this purpose, but ethically challenged individuals will still give it a try now and then. And if they aren't caught, they can win by using Aquimszey to cheat.

Dispel magic on the effected individual will nullify the potion.

It is nothing BUT a problem. The only saving benefit it has is that it tends to put the victim in a good mood.



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