Potion of Regeneration

Essence of Orc, Dragon blood, spider silk, boiled reaper claws, Rock Troll spinal fluid, ethanol, aspartame, citric acid.

Extremely Rare

Very Expensive

Regeneration magically forces the body to regrow lost limbs, organs, or body parts. It does this by activating undifferentiated stem cells surrounding damaged areas and forcing them to initiate reproduction in line with the developmental protein structure inherent to the surrounding cellular matrix. This process is magically initiated and magically enhanced so that the tissue surrounding the damaged area maintains its growth factor until the regrowth completes. Typically one dose of this drug can cause the regrowth of a new limb within a five day period. However, during that time the subject will be ravenously hungry and thirsty. They will need to consume massive quantities of nutrients in order to feed the cellular process.

During the regrowth process, the subject is not particularly active, and will want to sleep when they are not eating.

If taken by someone who is not injured or missing a limb, the potion will simply cause them too feel tired and lethargic.

This potion, if taken orally by undead, will cause them to lose their animating force and collapse into dust.


Imbiber must be living (doesn't work on dead people). If the imbiber has a metal shaft or some other prosthetic embedded in their body (such as a hook), it will either be rejected or absorbed. As noted, the imbiber will be extremely hungry and thirsty. They will REQUIRE food and nutrients, or the process will halt. This potion will restore damaged heart tissue, but if the heart is missing then the imbiber probably isn't alive anyway. Obviously heads will not regrow, but brain tissue will if the victim is living.


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