Potion of Smoke Flesh

Ignecium, peridium, emerald, charcoal, heppa berry, sand, chocolate



Converts the drinker into a billowing cloud of smoke that can move slowly through the air. Using this potion you can travel under doors, through cracks, and basically get into anyplace that isn't airtight. Movement is slow, however. No faster than you can normall walk.

Magical weaponry and fire can still damage the cloud of smoke, and when the reconversion occurs, the victim will have suffered that damage. As to exactly where on their body the damage occurred, that is up to the victim to determine.

If it's windy out, or if someone casts a wind spell on you, then you can end up getting blown all over the place.

Example Posting of Use:

He uncorked it and drank down half the vial before putting the cork back. Then he picked up his bag and waited.

At first nothing seemed to happen, and Deris was starting to think that maybe he needed to drink the entire vial. But then he noticed that his skin was starting to smoke. It was working alright! He was excited. What was it going to be like to be a cloud of smoke he wondered? He held up his hand and watched in delight as the smoke started streaming off of him in large quantities. But then he noticed that he could see his muscles and he suddenly realized that his entire body was disolving!

His clothing was gone now, and through the patches of the billowing white fog that was pouring off him he could see wet red muscles and veins. He began to panic. It was too late! He was going to die!

"AAaaaahh!" he screamed out. Now he could see the bones of his fingers, and he put his hands to his face and felt a click as he touched his own skull! He tried to scream out again, but now his layrnx had disolved, and suddenly everything started to look stretched out and thin.

Floating above the ground in a cloud of smoke, Deris now knew that he was gone. He'd completely disolved and was nothing more than smoke floating in the air. This was AWFULL. What was he going to do? Get control, he told himself. Just relax. And then it began to occur to him that this was exactly what the potion was supposed to do. He just hadn't expected it to work that way. He'd figured he was just going to go "puff" and be a bunch of smoke. He hadn't expected to have to disolve slowly.

Now that he understood he was alright, he tried moving himself around and discovered that he could direct his body through the air. So he focused on doing what he'd set out to do and forced himself under the crack of Davlinn's door. It was an odd sensation, being forced flat like that and coming out the other side, but it didn't hurt or anything.

Davlinn's shop was dark, and Deris couldn't see a thing. He was starting to think about leaving when the potion must have begun to wear off. This time he was careful not to touch himself when he reformed. He just closed his eyes, relaxed and let it happen. It wasn't so bad after all, just really really wierd. After several minutes he was pretty sure he was all back together again, and he started moving around in the shop.


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