Potion of Elasticity

Purified seffinium, ethanol, powdered sulfur, liquefied amber, liquefied ruby, charcoal, spider silk, kneebiter muscle, banta milk, Elf hair, sugar.



When imbibed, this potion causes the person to become extremely elastic in all parts of their body. Bones, muscles, internal organs, and skin can all be stretched without causing harm to the imbiber. The level of control, however, is limited. They can, for instance, pull on their arms to make them longer, but the imbiber cannot "will" them to stretch out.

The primary use for this potion is to escape from restraining devices. Using this potion, you can slip through iron bars, remove shackles or virtually any restraint you can slip out of. You can fit through small spaces, although the opening must be at least four inches in diameter to ooze through.

The secondary use for this potion is to disguise yourself. If you alter your face and let the potion wear off, the effect becomes permanent unless you take the potion again and change it back. Using this technique, you can usually make yourself look significantly different. Although it should be noted that you can't make yourself look exactly like someone else unless you have a disguise skill and have been trained in using this potion for the purpose of changing yourself to mimic the appearance of another individual. But making yourself look different (someone other than who you are) is easy enough. You can still do a bad job, though, and end up looking really odd (your jaw could be too long, or your eyes too far apart) so you need to spend some time working on it.

This potion does not turn you into Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl. It doesn't work that way. It merely makes it possible to stretch yourself out and reshape your body, but you need to GRAP and PULL on your body in order to force the shape. You can't reach your arm out and stretch it across the room, but you can grab a handle and stretch your arm out by backing up. Or you can force it back by pushing against a wall while walking toward it.

Another note is that when this potion is active, the imbiber is virtually immune to being damaged by falls and blunt weaponry. Falls will make a mess of your shape, and so will blows from blunt weapons, but so long as the potion is active, they will do no actual damage. You will, however, need to fix your shape back to normal before the potion wears off.

Bladed weapons operate as normal. So does fire and acid and magic. Really the only bonus here in combat is immunity to blunt weapons damage.

There are severe flaws with this potion. The main one being that if your shape is radically altered, it can become extremely difficult to get yourself back in the right shape again. The other one is that if you're misshaped when the potion wears off, then you're going to stay that way. And if it's a shape that's lethal to you, then you'll probably just die immediately. There exists people who have used this potion incorrectly and have become misshapen and deformed and survived. Most of them hide themselves away or go to work for a freak show.

If you wish to use this potion to escape from something, or to alter your appearance, then you are advised to use it in a controlled environment where you can ensure that no one will be beating you up or messing with you so that you can ensure your shape is correct before the potion wears off.


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