Potion of Igneous Adaptation

Liquefied ignecium, powdered sulfur, sodium phosphate, potassium iodide, liquefied heborite, fire wasp venom.



Igneous Adaptation temporarily alters the blood and flesh of the imbiber, giving them the ability to resist damage from fire and heat. Thermal energy of any kind will now be magically re-routed and absorbed by the ingecium in the imbibers body. This results in a complete immunity to heat-based damage.

One vial typically contains enough for three uses. Each use will last for 2 hours or 7 posts, whichever comes first. The ignecium in the potion (along with most of the other reagents) will exit the body as normal.

Don't use heat-based weaponry against this target. Anything else will operate as normal.

It doesn't protect anything but your body. Your armor, gear and weapons are still subject to any thermal damage posed against you. Also, after taking this potion, most people are extremely thirsty for a couple of hours.



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