Potion of Fireskin

Damvini fluid, powdered ignecium, extract of fire wasp, alovay oil, karuma oil, burned & powdered reaper skin char, holy water from the temple of Jhalla, three drops of Pheonix elixer.

Extremely Rare

Extremely Expensive

Fireskin converts the flesh of the imbiber into fire. This typically includes the clothing and everything the imbiber is wearing unless it is magical. Magical artifacts will not convert to fire, nor will any other magical object (including potions). But everything else becomes living elemental fire.

In this form the imbiber may fly as a stream of fire from one location to another, "hopping" from place to place and reforming each time into the flaming translucent image of his normal physical form. Imbibers can perform no physical attacks in this state, only flame attacks (by grappling) which do burn damage. And they are vulnerable to attack by water, which can kill them completely if they are totally doused in it or submerged.

The shape of the imbiber is quite flexible in this form, and they may go through small holes and under doors and such, although their passage will always cause some fire damage and may ignite the material surrounding the area of egression.

There are typically only 1 uses in a vial, and this potion is extremely expensive to purchase. The effect lasts for roughly one hour or 6 posts, whichever comes first. Like most potions, the imbiber cannot dispel the effect, and must wait until it passes before becoming normal again. Movement in this form has a maximum speed equal to double the characters full running speed. The maximum distance of a "hop stream" is 100 feet.

If an imbiber of this potion attacks someone in fire form, the person is advised to dodge or block using a large shield. Getting burned is never pleasant, and fireskin can do a considerable amount of damage, particularly if the imbiber attempts to grapple and wrestle. Use water or cold as a weapon.

Reforming in a space less than that necessary for the normal volume of the character and his/her converted equipment can cause damage and/or death. When in fireskin form, the imbiber is vulnerable to water and cold.


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