Common Between Worlds

The following list contains objects, creatures and items that exist in a majority of fantasy games and also exist here. However, they may be mutated specifically to fit the Desert Realm, so you may still want to research them in the Flora and Fauna and other sections.

Available Races, Weapons, and Armor

Monster Races

Some common monster races include orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, and dragons.

Elves and Dwarves

Elves and dark elves (Drow) exist as well as dwarves. However, in the Forwell region, dwarves are known as Dvorkinnians.

Angels and Demons

Angels, Daemons, and Demons exist, but only specific to the Desert Realm pantheon. These types of creatures may not come from other sources.


Many forms of undead exist in the Desert Realm and are common adversaries. They are created from perverse magic, evil beings, and necromancers.

Necromancers, Liches, Vampires and other powerful creatures are generally limited to moderator control.

Magical Creatures

Faeries exist but only the the Hyper Magic Zones.  Nyads and Dryads also exist in Hyper Magic Zones, but can stray from these during the rare rain storm.


Psionics exists, but it has been altered to be specific to DR.  See the Magic and Psionics section.


See the Alchemical Potions section for specifics.

Magical Artifacts and Weaponry

These are specific to Desert Realm - those sourced from other places are generally not allowed.  Magic is rare here.

Weapons and Armor

Most medieval weapons and armor are available.  The desert is hot and dry so metal armor is rarely used for long periods of time or only used to cover small areas such as a shoulder plate. Some siege engines are available, but generally require approval.

Unavailable Races, Weapons, and Armor

The following list contains items that do exist in the real world but DO NOT exist in the Desert Realm.

Note that this list is never going to contain everything that doesn't exist here. There are too many to list. But it's going to focus on common things that people might create, and things that people have attempted to create that don't fit in this environment.


Steam engines, gun powder, dynamite, electrically powered devices, gasoline, plastic, nuclear weapons, lasers and light sabers, rockets and most chemical bombs. Telescopes and spyglasses are not available unless a specific design is approved. Neither are goggles and glasses.  There are a few primitive types of clocks available, but more are not.  Also, instead of airplanes, we use balloon ships and Orphean Airships.


Horses (use reapers, calex, drovers, and dummits instead), cows (use banta instead), lions (although there are sandtigers), dogs (use rayvs instead), dinosaurs (there aren't any living, but there might be fossils), panda bears, chickens (use frickens)

Monsters and Mythical Creatures

Monsters from other games are not allowed unless developed, modified, and approved by the moderators. Same goes for Mythical creatures.

Historical Armies

Samurai warriors and ninjas do not exist although martial arts does.  They just go by different names that are specific to this setting.

Food and Drink

Coffee doesn't exist (use tea and herbal infusions instead). Neither does Marijuana - instead there are many different kinds that are specific to the Desert Realm.

Unchanged Objects

Plants for food and other uses

Dates, peppers, mandrake root, salt and pepper, roses, honey, cotton, hemp, cactus, pipe tobacco, wood (which is rare), and reeds (in the oasis areas).


Ants, blackbirds, crows, desert eagles, falcons, and small monkeys.

Other Objects

Sextant and compass, ceramics, granite, marble, bricks and mortar, limestone, all precious metals and gems, sandstone, wax, sizzors and shears, shovels, pick axes, and non-electrical water pumps.


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