Volrath, Weapon of the Jhallan Priesthood

The Volrath is the standard close combat weapon of the Jhallan Priesthood. There are two types, one for Templar and one for Paladins. The one listed below is the Templar version.

Jhallan priests usually use a bow staff or a blunt weapon of some kind, but the Templar and Paladins of Jhalla employ the Volrath as a more lethal option. All Templar of Jhalla are highly trained in the use of this weapon, and have skills that allow them several different types of attacks.

The Disarm
Using the crook end of the Volrath, the martial artists can catch an enemy blade or spear haft and twist it in a way that causes their opponent to loose their grip on their weapon.

The Spinning Vertical Chop
Spinning the Volrath for extra power, the martial artists brings the weapon down on the head of their opponent with enough force to split their skull or knock them unconscious if they are wearing a helm.

The Circle of Death
This move is used against multiple opponents and allows the martial artists to keep them at bay by spinning the Volrath while they themselves are also turning in a tight circle.

The Red Crescent
A spinning blow that moves in a diagonal path across the body of an opponent. Good for evisceration of the abdomen, decapitation on the neck and destruction of the groin area when brought from below.

The Blazing Fury
Both hand are used with this attack allowing the martial artists to perform multiple strikes with both ends of the Volrath simply by twisting the weapon. This is very effective against opponents armed with a single sword.

The Hammer
Using the flat of the blade, the martial artist slaps the opponent. This technique is usually only employed on the head to render an enemy unconscious or to knock a weapon from their hand without cutting the hand off.

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(Templar Version)

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(Paladin Version)

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(Blaze Master Version)

This is carried by the Blaze Master who commands the Templar of Jhalla. There is typically only one Blaze Master per Temple of Jhalla.

This is an easy weapon to hurt yourself with, so it's only used by those who have mastered the Volrath and can handle the advanced version. Using this weapon, a Blaze Master have an additional disarming capacity, and can send the weapons of opponents flying with three disarm attacks per post.



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