Arena Slave Collar

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This is a standard slave collar used in Ivanhelm.

Slaves are illegal in Forwell, but the government and city guard tend to ignore this little fact as it applies to the arena. In the arena, pockets are lined and bribes are paid so that eyes are turned from this place when it comes to slave gladiators.

These collars are fitted and worn by all slaves that fight for Ivanhelm. Their primary purpose is just to show who is a slave. Gladiator thralls are easily identified this way.

The construction of the collars is tough and rugged. They have a standard key lock located on the underside of the front gearbox. They are made from an alloy of iron, copper and bronze.

It is not impossible to pick them, but it would require specific lock picking tools and some talent with picking locks to get them open. You won't do it unless you've got a skill in lock picking and the right tools. Arena guards do not carry these keys, they are held by the Arena Managers only.

The collars are not magical and have no supernatural qualities.


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