Spyglass, Long-eye, Zoom

The images below show a crystal sphere and leather before being wrapped up, and the leather tube with both ends closed after being completed.
user posted image
The spyglass consists of two crystal spheres, one small and one large, that are wrapped in a leather tube. Users look through the small end and can see details up to five times further than they could with the naked eye.

The Spyglass was invented in Gontor and is a technology specific to the Gontorians. As such, they are not made in the Forwellian Alliance or the main game area and are only available as an 'import.' The Gontorians use them as a tactical advantage in combat.

Game Use:
Never "assume" ownership of a spyglass (you need to RP finding and purchasing one in the game). They are considered highly rare in DR, and while characters are welcome to have and own one, they should not purchase one "just to have it." They are expensive, so only people who would really benefit from having something like this would be likely to spend the money. These people include:
  • Caravan Leaders (typically Merchant Lords).
  • Airship Captains
  • Balloon Ship Captains
  • Rangers
  • Military Generals/High-Ranking Officers
  • Military Scouts (given by Generals)
  • Assassins
No one will start with this technology. It has only just been introduced into the game, and getting one will require haggling with a merchant to buy it. Got anything to trade?



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