Sand Visor

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Sand visors are typically made from bone and shaped by a Bonemelder. In Bara culture where there are no Bonemelders, they simply use blades to carve them from bone or wood (when they can get it).

The Dvorkinnians use sand visors because they're light sensitive.

The Bara use them to keep from getting sand blind. They also decorate them and make rather ornate looking versions that are sold in cities sometimes. They make a good trading item.

Humans use them too, particularly those in the trading business who have to spend a lot of time in the desert. They've adapted this technology from the Bara, and now Bonemelders in the cities make them and sell them to those who need to spend extensive time in the desert.

Sand visors block light and help keep the blowing sand out of your eyes. They aren't magical or really even any great technological advancement. It's simply a piece of bone with a slit cut in it and a rope tied around it. Of course, they can look pretty nice if you decorate them.

One thing to note about sand visors is that someone wearing one will have a perception disadvantage in regards to peripheral vision. You can sneak up on someone wearing one of these and they can't see you from the sides. On the other hand, wearing one does allow you to see better during bright daylight hours. So there are tradeoffs.


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