Royals, Kues, and Bits

Bits = base currency.
Kue = 25 bits.
Royal = 100 bits.

A Royal is worth 100 bits though commoners rarely ever see Royals. A few bits can buy a person a night's rest at a decent Inn, a nice meal, or any number of other things.

Royals look different depending on which country they came from, but most tend to be made from platinum or gold. Some also have a clear hollow crystal imbedded in the center filled with water, the most precious commodity around.
Royals are usually about 3 inches in diameter and a quarter of an inch thick.

The "Kue" is equal to 1/4 a royal piece or 25 bits which makes them the common currency amongst vendors. It is easier to carry three Kues than 75 bits.

These coins are typically made in one inch squares and usually T1/6 of an inch thick. The coins are composed of a silver or copper laced with gold or platinum flakes. It is not uncommon to see the coins mixed with ground crystals or ceramics to form strange colors such as greens or blues in accordance with the rulers desires.

Bits are made from less expensive materials usually in the form of copper or silver. Both of these metals are worth the same so it's usually the ruler's preference as to which metal is used. In some regions where metals are scarce, the rulers have ground up crystals and mixed them in with ceramics to form exotic green and blue coins.

Bits are usually an inch in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick.

Usually the locals will want to trade in local money since governments sometimes disappear especially when dealing with non-metal money. It's not as big of a problem with metal money as long as the coin is as large as local money.

Value by Beverage:
•Cheap Ale: 2 bits.
•Good Ale: 4 bits.
•Water: 3 royals.
•Cheap Wine: 3 bits.
•Good Wine: 6 bits.
•Expensive Wine: 12 bits.
•Elven Ice Wine (shot): 2.5 royals.
•Dvorkinnian Ale (shot): 5 royals.
•Rhadhyran (shot): 4 bits.
•Hassagi (shot): 50 bits, or two kue.
•Viedrius (shot): 6 bits.
•Moongrape wine (glass): 75 bits, or three kue.


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