Viedre, God of Water

What god looks like.
Viedre wears little clothing but rather is covered with liquid that simulates clothing. The liquid continually flows over Viedre's torso, groin, and legs. The motion of the liquid causes ripples that obscure certain portions of Viedre's anatomy. He wears a crown made of similar liquid, and in the crown are shining points of light (at each crest of the crown). He carries a staff made from coral and topped with a translucent sphere of deep blue liquid that hovers over the exact top of the staff. His countenance is beautiful, and his body is perfect in every way. He is often seen riding a chariot driven by beasts formed from liquid water. The chariot is formed of coral and encrusted with beautiful flowered sea anemones. Viedre is not opposed to changing his own form to suit his needs, and other races of this world may know Viedre by other names and appearances, although it is actually the same god.

What god likes and dislikes.
Viedre likes to be worshiped. He is arrogant beyond mortal understanding, and he is vain. He dislikes Volai and her followers more than anything else, and has a very very ancient conflict going on with her that is one of the primary reasons for the link between magic and water on this world. As a god of water, Viedre is similar in nature to water. His moods shift often, and he changes his mind at whim. His favor ebbs and flows like the tide. Viedre admires those of his followers who know bravery, and rewards those who champion his causes at risk of their own death. Viedre dislikes weakness, and despises those who cower. His closest friend and ally among the gods is Guere, who shares similar beliefs.

How god prefers to be worshiped.
Viedre prefers sacrifices to be drown in a grand ceremony. He typically prefers animal sacrifices, and does not request or appreciate the sacrifice of intelligent life. He also enjoys a proliferation of his own image, and the worship of his image. His temples are filled with naked statues of himself, and he particularly appreciates the worship and admiration by beautiful females of any species. His sect has a group of Inuegene Virgins who have "married" themselves to Viedre and will take no man. The Inuegene Virgins accept only the most brave, talented, and beautiful women into their sect. They are deadly fighters, and practice apothecary medicine and a form of mystical martial arts known only to them. The Priests of Viedre are likewise great fighters, but the priesthood also focuses on the arts of magic in a different way - they focus on the development and dissemination of powerful spells that are powered strictly by intense uses of water. Viedre always ensures his loyal followers have the necessary water for all their needs, and thus they are "wealthy" in a way seldom seen in the followers of other gods.

How god rewards followers.
Viedre often rewards his followers in the occult disciplines with the ability to summon water, allowing them to use their magic in even the most desolate places. He has also been known to supply them with weapons of great might, depending on the need and Viedre's whim. Viedre has not been known to raise the dead, although in the afterlife, his followers are granted access to his heavenly kingdom where they worship him for eternity. The Inuegene Virgins, naturally, form his great harem.

How god punishes followers.
Viedre typically punishes his followers by testing them against a creature of might. Should a follower tested in such a manner show bravery even in the midst of defeat, then Viedre will likely pardon them and heal them. If Viedre is particularly displeased with a follower, then Viedre will simply cause them to drown in their own fluids. Failed followers of Viedre have been found with seawater in their lungs, even though they may be nowhere near any water.

How god punishes athiests.
Viedre cares nothing for unbelievers, but should an unbeliever cause him trouble, Viedre will usually assign one of his followers the opportunity to gain his favor by slaying the infidel. In extreme cases, Viedre will curse the unbeliever so that all water they drink is foul and bitter and does not slake their thirst. In the worst cases, Viedre will curse the unbeliever so that no water will satisfy them, and they will either drink until they burst, or they will die of dehydration.

How god punishes followers of other gods.
Like most gods, Viedre must be take care when punishing the followers of other gods. Typically a god will send a messenger to the god whose follower has offended him. Viedre is no different, except for the followers of Volai. For the followers of Volai who have displeased him greatly, Viedre will send his Priets and Inuegene to destroy them. In some cases, Viedre will simply curse the offender with the liquid emotional state we would call bipolar.

What actions might prompt god to interfere in mortal affairs.
Viedre is active in mortal affairs - to an extent. He will reward those who please him if they have done so in a fashion that catches his attention. He will always interfere in any events that may lead to the elimination of the link between magic and water. A link that he was instrumental in creating and encourages, for it increases his followers and his power.

How god's temple operates.
Like a flowing river, Viedre's temple is always busy and constantly in operation. Viedre's temples are always a place to acquire water, and therefore the temples of the water god are typically encouraged in most hamlets, keeps, and citadels. Rulers, however, fear the power of Viedre's temples. More than one ruler has bent to the demands of the Priests of Viedre out of fear.

The origins of god.
Viedre was born of water by the ancient gods who first inhabited this world. They created Viedre when they created this world, and gave him the attributes he has, understanding that he would act accordingly. Those ancient gods have gone now, presumably to create other worlds, for that is what they do.

How to contact or petition god.
Viedre can typically be petitioned through his temples. One can petition Viedre directly by worshiping his statues, but the best way is to perform a task assigned by his priesthood. If successful, the priests will all petition Viedre on the behalf of the character. This is a much better way of gaining the god's attention.

The temperament of god.
As noted, Viedre is vain and arrogant. As such, complements to his beauty, intelligence, and capabilities are always well received. In fact, he has a great need for this, which is why he requires so many followers to sing praises to him and worship his image. Viedre's emotional state is fluid. He is somewhat bipolar in many respects, and also manic-depressive. When his fury is upon him he may perform horrible acts, and when joy is upon him, he may perform incredible blessings. His followers know this, and pay great attention to the state of their worlds moons, for Viedre's emotions are tied to them.

The chaos/law aspect of god.
Viedre's nature is chaos. Like water, he is liquid and his nature can change like liquid. He is bound by certain laws, however, but the most consistent thing about Viedre is his inconsistency (in many respects).

The good/neutral/evil aspects of god.
Viedre can be good or evil, it all depends on his mood and the phases of the moon. Likewise are his followers, who practice both good and evil arts, depending on the state of their god.


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