The Writings of Tirrue, Secrets of the Medicii Loremasters

The Writings of Tirrue.

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30 years gone.
(OOC: Tirrue was a character played by Zeak).

Tirrue was a Priest of Jhalla. Few probably would have remembered his name had it not been for the circumstances that were placed upon him. Truly he was a timid man, fearful by nature of that which he could not control. Which, decidedly, was nearly everything around him.

By pure chance, he placed in a position of descending into the Shallow Dark with Charnek and Corby and a group of others. Down into the darkness he went, and in that darkness he was forced to find his strength and his honor. After the death of the Paladin of Jhalla, Tirrue was the only person remaining who could touch the holy Spear of Jerbois. And when he had no choice, he used that spear to battle the Nalgraft summoned by the Drow Sorceress N'kree.

Later, when the group found themselves among the Xlndrae, Tirrue was given a gift by those forgotten and ancient Drow. A strange ring that seemed to contain the voice of a person long since gone.

During his travels through the Shallow Dark, Tirrue never learned the secrets of the ring. The children were rescued. The Drow were freed to begin their revolution. And the rescuers were disbanded to go their separate ways.

Tirrue returned home to the Temple of Jhalla in Forwell. But he did not remain there. His journeys had given him a taste for adventure, but he desired something new without being quite so dangerous. Therefore he determined to move to Daroon. And it was there that the old man spent his final years plumbing the depths of the ring he had been given and writing down what he had learned in a series of massive volumes that came to be know as the "Writings of Tirrue."

Few have the mental capacity to understand these writings. Verily it would appear that Tirrue himself was an intellect of incredible caliber to conceive of such thoughts. But this is not so. For it was the voice of the ring that spoke to him and showed him what to write and how to understand it. Through the ring, Tirrue himself came to know facts and concepts unseen and unknown on this world.

The Writings of Tirrue were initially rejected by the Temple of Jhalla. Within them were indicators that formed the basis of heresy. Therefore they were locked away. Only recently were they uncovered by Archivalists who sold them to the Academy of Lore Delving in Daroon. There it was found that the Writings of Tirrue detail the precise function of the body in ways never understood before. Moreover, techniques for replacing body parts and organs were described. The operation of the organs, including the brain, were provided. And a strange script that appears to describe the operation of particles too small to be seen was provided to show how specific "reactions" occur within the body.

Most importantly, Tirrue's writings covered the creation of several new types of herbal mixtures and drugs. Including how to generate them, and what they could be used for.

It is impossible to know what the full impact of Tirrue's documents will eventually be. For even now, they are held as great secrets by an organization called The Medicii Loremasters who have arose within the Academy of Lore Delving. They have taken it upon themselves to hold the Writings of Tirrue as sacred and forbidden lore that only they may know. Because of this, it may be that the Medicii Loremasters are now healers on a level far beyond anyone else in the Desert Realm. And it is said that they may cure any disease or malady through the Writings of Tirrue that they alone may study and understand.


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