Falron's Guide to Mystical Combat through Mundane Means

Falron's Guide to Magical Law
is also known as
Falron's Guide to Mystical Combat through Mundane Means.

It is a rare book, and very difficult to obtain. If it exists in the Forwellian library it is almost certainly placed under lock and key. The Inquisition does not currently have a copy of it, but they are undoubtedly looking for it.

Falron's Guide to Magical Law outlines methods for defeating magic without using it. It desribes methods for countering spells without needing to know how to cast magic. Spells all operate according to a set of laws set down by the Gods of this world, and Falron learned of some of them through visions. He was somewhat of a prophet, and he wrote down much of what he learned.

Many spells described in the Magic and Psionics section have duplicate entries in Falron's Guide to Magical Law, and Falron tells of how they can be countered, typically through the use of reagents or non-magical rituals that break the laws that the magical spells rely upon. Other information in Falron's Guide to Magical Law covers how to damage or destroy specific magical artifacts and items, and sometimes how to counter their effects.

This section will outline some of Falron's Guide to Magical Law and the techniques used therein. This thread will be under constant revision as new spells are added, but the information herein cannot be used in RP unless the tome is discovered or the information is learned through a source that has somehow obtained it (possibly through word of mouth or by experimentation).

[B]Breaking Instructions:[/B]


Summoned Tornado
Wizard spell
Breaking Instructions:
Summoned tornados rely on the breath of Tor and utilize her magic. To break the magic of a tornado and dissipate the
winds, release the following mixed powder into the tornado:

Ground ruby of medium quality
Ground emerald of high quality
Powdered desert eagle eggshells
Ground ashes of a desert cactus
Saliva from a newborn infant

As the powder is released into the tornado, it is necessary for three people to hold the ocatves A, B flat, and C# simultaneously. The sound combined with the powder will react to dissipate the summoned tornado within 1 posting.


Bracers of Repulsion
Ancient magical artifact
Breaking Instructions:
When faced with an opponent wearing Bracers of Repulsion, simply coat your arrows with the following mixture in order to render the bracers unable to repel. Your arrows will drawn in rather than repulsed.

Use an arrowhead made from Ignecium.
Coat the head of the arrow in the blood of a braffix gekko mixed with urine from a pregnant siffit.
Sprinkle seffinium over the shaft.


Ring of Mages
Magical Artifact.
Breaking Instructions:
If you encounter a mage using a ring of mages, there is a way to cause all of the magical energy in the ring to explode violently. However to do so you must follow the procedure carefully.
•Obtain a small sample of blood from the wearer of the ring. It can be just a drop.
•Purchase the uncooked leg of a Fricken.
•Open the leg up and place the blood of the wearer inside the flesh of the leg.
•Obtain a jar of virgin yedrak oil.
•Carry a torch with you.
•When you face the wearer, insert the leg into the jar of oil and light it on fire with the torch. You must be within earshot of the wearer.
•While the oil is burning, recite the following Elven incantation:

"Androvail caldorum h'thrask'vn.
Gadria tandra kaliffisis
Ambru nexarum nathra'el"

When the wearer hears this, and their blood is insulted by the presence of the burning oil while held within the flesh of the fricken, the magic of the ring will be released from its bondage and the storage matrix within the metallic runes will fail. The resulting explosion will be equal to the magic contained within the ring, with one spell typically being equal to a bonfire in damage.

Be wary, if the ring is fully powered then the explosion could be enough to destroy everything nearby, including you. It is best to maintain a distance of twenty to thirty feet and shout the incantation at the target.


Staff of Desolation
Magical Artifact
Breaking Instructions:
When facing a priest of Hu using a staff of Desolation, it is possible to cause the staff to ignite while at the same time prevent the priest from releasing it. This typically results in the priest burning their hand badly while at the same time being unable to use the staves power or cast their own magic. Effectively it removes the priest from a factor in combat for several minutes until they can regain control over the stave.

To activate this effect you must perform the following procedure:

•Obtain a plain staff made of Reaper bone.
•Obtain a silver mallet blessed by the priests of Volai.
•Obtain holy water blessed by a priest of Viedre
•Obtain holy ashes blessed by a priest of Matrim.
•Obtain holy soil blessed by a priest of Foret
•Pour the water over the staff and then coat it with the ashes.
•When you are within twenty feet of the bearer of the staff, pour the soil in a circle on the ground.
•Lay the staff across the circle pointing in the direction of the Hu priest.
•Using the silver mallet, smash the staff directly in the center of the circle.

The effect should be instantaneous, causing the staff of desolation held by the priest of Hu to ignite with the fires of Jhalla. The priest will be unable to release the staff and his hand will be burned mightily, causing him great pain and making it impossible for him to continue to cast spells. The effect will only last a minute or two, however, until the priest regains control over the staff. You are advised to attack him during this window of opportunity before he obtains the power of the staff again.


Wall of Fire
Jhallan holy spell
Breaking Instructions:
When a Jhallan priest has create a wall of fire through the lore of Jhalla, there is a way to render yourself immune to the flames so that you may pass through them unharmed. Using the following procedure.

•Obtain two ounces of Fricken fat
•Obtain the stomach liquid of a Fricken
•Obtain two ounces of body fat from a priest of Jhalla
•Obtain five ounces of ash from a burned Water Bringer tree
•Obtain one ounce of powdered ignecium

Mix and boil the ingredients and then allow it to solidify into a soap. Coat this soap over anything that must pass through the wall of flame. When you are covered with this material, the flames of the Wall of Flame will not harm you and you may pass without being burned or harmed.

Note that this will not work against any other fire except a Wall of Fire created by a priest of Jhalla using the divine magic of Jhalla. Do not rely on this soap as a defense against any other type of fire.


Dome of Force
Wizard - War Wizard Specialist Spell
Breaking Instructions:
The Dome of Force spell creates a dome of magical energy through which nothing may pass but light and air. It is primarily used by wizards to create a safe area so that they may rest in the midst of combat. There is, however, a way through it that does not require you to dig beneath it. Use the following procedure to pass through a Dome of Force:

•Obtain the femur bone of a Reaper
•Obtain the skin of a kneebiter
•Obtain four ounces of Damvini liquid.
•Obtain four sheets of Heffis
•Obtain two ounces of powdered Sylvaria

Wrap the femur bone in the skin of the kneebiter.
Soak the heffis sheets in the davmini liquid and then use the sheets to coat the kneebiter hide on the outside of the femur bone.
Sprinkle the powdered Sylvaria over the object until it is covered.

When you approach the Dome of Force, hold the bone over a torch so that the flame touches it. As you walk toward the dome, a hole will open in it where the femur bone grows close to the field. The hole will be large enough for you or for others to pass through. You must keep the bone over the torch, however, or the Sylvaria will not obtain the heat needed to activate the reaction between it and the Damvini fluid and the Heborite in the kneebiter skin.



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