The Lore of Tecular, Tomes and Scrolls

Tecular was an ArchMage who created a series of magical spells and a variety of magical lore all dedicated to the transmission, storage and manipulation of thermal energy. Some called Tecular the Ice Lord when he was at the height of his power because he created a city of ice that he ruled.

Tecular was destroyed by the "Circle of Ice" - a collection of some of the greatest mages at that time. (This all occurred some three to four hundred years ago).

After Tecular was destroyed, much of his work fell into the hands of Tamden, who was eventually consumed by it and fell to evil himself. After Tamden was destroyed by the champions of Forwell, the lore fell into the hands of the Sorceress Phenaorii, one of the last remaining members of the Circle of Ice (and probably the last remaining member, although no one is sure).

Tecular's crystal (one of the Earth crystals) was also taken from Tamden. Buster bore it back to the Grand Temple of Tor in Forwell where Shahala (the then High Priestess of Tor) placed it in the dome of the temple amidst the other crystals there so that it was hidden.

The lore of Tecular (the primary tome bearing that name) was taken by Phenaroii to Ve'tayr where she could study it. However she was assassinated by the Black Fire not long afterwards. The tome is now missing and assumed to be in the hands of the Black Fire (the Assassin's Guild).

Tecular's Lore is dangerous. Whoever studies it risks falling into the same traps as Tamden. It also involves quite a bit of information on the undead and on creating specific types of unded (such as EmberFay). But primarily it involves instructions for using the Earth Crystals to manipulate thermal energy and siphon it out of objects. Tamden used this lore to collect water for spells, which is primarily what makes it powerful in DR. Using the lore of Tecular, a mage could become capable of collecting vast quantities of water to power their spells.

It is important that this tome be found and either destroyed or placed in deep storage somewhere. If it should fall into the wrong hands it could be extremely dangerous.


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