The Book of Mortith, Magical Item

The Book of Mortith is said to have been written by Hu himself and that only the most devoted disciples of Hu can read it. The cover is bound in human flesh and soaked in all things unholy and foul.

The pages are all blank but the words are there, written in the blood of innocents. When a person has proven himself to be a high follower, usually done by doing an extreamly evil deed in the name of Hu, only then will the ink reveal itself on the pages.

The Book of Mortith contains highly advanced Necromantic rituals that can not be taught or learned anywhere else. If someone tries to teach one of the rituals from the book, they subconsciously give out false steps that will result in the death of the person doing the ritual. Not only that, but if the person giving out the ritual ever tried it again, he would follow the same steps he gave, no matter how many times he read the book or performed the ritual in the past.

One ritual is: (more to follow)

Ritual of Everlasting Life

Description: This ritual allows the ritualist to cut out a piece of his heart and store it away, but kept on thier person at all times. The size of the heart piece is up to the ritualist but it must be big enough to hold with two fingers. In doing so, the ritualist cannot age or die. If struck by a disease or virus, then the sickness stays in the body until the ritual is broken.

The ritualist must draw a circle around himself using ground up bones,mixed with blood from any living source. He then lies downand chants the words written in the book constantly, while he performs the operation. The skin pulls itself back away from the chest causing intense pain. The bones then follow exposing the heart. The ritualist, if he can stand the pain, must then use a knife to cut his own heart. Afterward, the body automatically heals itself, leaving a very large scar.

If the ritualist gets into battle with anything and gets wounded, he will heal at twice the rate of a normal person of his species. If an arm or leg gets cut off, it will grow back in time. If the head gets cut off, the body will regrow a new one, in time, while the old one will decay to dust in a matter of minutes.
Finding and destroying the piece of the heart they have removed and hidden away will break the spell and kill the owner. Also, there is a price to pay for their power, while they do not age they become very ugly as time continues until after a century they are truly hideous and deformed looking.
If you gain possession of the piece of the heart, it can be used to command the person who owns the heart. In order to do this you have to hold the heart against your own flesh (in your bare hand will work) and give a direct verbal command to the person who owns the heart (must be in visual and audio range). This fact does not need to be common knowledge though.

Used By: Necromantic followers of Hu who have proven themselves worthy to be able to read the pages.

Duration: The ritual takes only as long as the ritualist makes it. This ritual causes intense pain and cannot be stopped once it has started. Only by cutting a piece of the heart, can the ritual be considered over

Range: On self, cannot be used on others.

TTP: 2 One to set up the ritual, and one to perform it
Transferring the Soul

Description: This ritual allows the Ritualist to literally rip the soul from his victim and either place it into a corpse, or send it to the netherrealm. Either way, the victim instantly dies. If the ritualist wants to plant the soul into a corpse, the body must be at least 75% undamaged.

This ritual does not create a zombie, (or zonbey), it brings the corpse back to life and in the same state they where before they died. They have a heart beat, a pulse, they breathe, they blink, they are mortal and not an undead. The soul that was used now becomes the soul of the person brought back to life and therefor is no longer the control of the person it was ripped from.

The ritualist must bound the victim naked, usually done on a rack, and carve unholy symbles and runes all across their body. Then, as the ritualist chants the the words from the Book of Mortith, he tosses salt on the newly carved wounds. After that, he pours vinegar, or something equal to that, over the victim. The ritualist finishes his chant and reaches into the victims chest and pulls out his soul. The soul will fight back and can sometimes harm the ritualist.

Once the soul has been removed from the body, the victim dies. The ritualist can then place the soul into another person, one that is dead and the soul no longer resides in, or he can simply toss it away and let it find its way to its own god.

Player characters cannot die this way unless they agree to allow their characters to perish in this fashion. This is an "outside of RP" rule so that it doesn't take place in the actual game writing. The agreement should be discussed PM or in the OOC forum. If there is a disagreement later, there should be a record of the transaction so the Admins and Mods can see it in order to make a ruling.

Used by: Necromantic followers of Hu who have proven themselves worthy to be able to read the pages of the Book of Mortith.

Duration: This ritual takes about an hour to perform, but many things can happen to cause the ritual to fail.

Range: Has to be able to touch the other person. (Reason why a rack is almost always used.)

TTP: 2-3 One to perform the ritual, one to struggle with the soul, and one to place it in another body if desired.



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