Sefu Suffering

Sefu Suffering:

Analogue Name

Race Affected

Symptoms and Complications
Common cases: Sniffles, Runny nose, Fever, stuffed up,
extreme cases: Respiratory dysfunction, Heart Palpitations, and Seizures

Causative Organism/Source
Green sand Pod lings

Method of Infection
Inhaling the Green sand Pod lings In large numbers Causes this disease. this usually causes no harm other than sneezing or a runny nose or both. In some cases of massive inhalation of the pod lings the intrusion can cause a reaction as the host organism finds this an attack on it causing elevated temperature and chills. In extreme cases this can cause respiratory dysfunction heart palpitations and seizures. Due to the pod lings clogging up the lungs. (Note this is extremely rare.) The only way to inhale this amount of pod lings is to stay inside a large field of green sand during an exodus for a long time, and then only 1 in 20 will develop severe symptoms. The symptoms last about 2-3 days no mater how severe as the pod lings cannot survive in the dark moist environment inside an animal.

The sure way to prevent this is to stay away from green sands for a few days after a rainstorm. Treatment for the suffering are many and some cases can ease symptoms, but there is no cure other than time and the body will eventually remove the pod lings.

Created by Selonious


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