De Arko Manskeeta, a rare Ork mutation.

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DeArkoManskeeta is a rare disease that inflicts some desert Orks. When an Ork displays the signs of the disease they are either slaughtered or exiled. The disease causes extreme light sensitivity, and most Orks who live with DeArkoManskeeta move underground where their vulnerability to daylight is not so much of a problem. It is sunlight that effects these Orks, not firelight, so they are not bothered by flames. But the sun can burn them and cause their skin to ignite, therefore they never come to the surface.

Additional effects of this disease are as follows:
•The top fangs and teeth of the Ork fall out.
•The skin of the Orkish becomes mottled and hard, giving them an extremely damage resistant hide.
•The Ork's is prone to uncontrollable attacks of rage.
•The Ork's body increases in size, typically to 7 to 8 feet in height.
•The Ork's strength increases to double normal.

If you should encounter an Ork with DeArkoManskeeta, be very careful. While you may be able to communicate (as they are often lonely and may talk in Orkish with anyone that knows the language and isn't an immediate threat) they are also extremely prone to anger. It is very easy to insult one of these Orks (not that it's not easy to insult an Ork most of the time anyway).

In combat, they are vulnerable to sunlight and normal weapons damage. They are resistant to blunt weapons damage, and non-magical blades may not always penetrate their tough outer hide.

Many people confuse them with Rock Trolls due to their size and appearance, but they are actually Orks with a disease. Rock Trolls are even larger, and often slightly more intelligent (although this may vary).

ArkoManSkeeta Orks are usually armed with either a spear or a club or sometimes a stone axe. They have the ability to make fire, and usually have a small cave somewhere underground that they use as a "home." In this cave you may find the Ork's "treasure" which will be whatever they've collected and found in their explorations. This is usually a bunch of bones and interesting rocks, although they may occasionally find a few coins or even a lost artifact. You never know.


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