Mount - Reaper

Name of Creature
Reaper (created and credited to azkul)

Beast of Burden-Reptile

6 foot tall, 20 feet long. A reaper has a whiplike tail and stand on four feet. Each foot is equipped with 4 claws, though some Reapers have had their claws trimmed down when they are not used for battle purposes. Almost as black as their slender bodies except for crimson red pupils, their eyes stare at you giving them a demonic quality. They are set far apart which give them excellent peripheral vision. Similar to snakes, their cone shaped mouths house many jagged teeth and a forked tongue that is designed to taste your scent.

In mating season, their skin turns various colors. Most of the time they turn green or red but can have any variation. Females usually lay two to three eggs which are then abandoned after they are carefully buried into the ground.

Food Sources
A Reaper will eat just about anything though it prefers to eat meat.

Combat and Defense
Its razor teeth and claws make it able to easily defend itself.

The Reaper is domesticated in nearly every region of the Desert. They do roam wildly in the desert but it is rare. They stay near oasis so they have nearby water.

They are able to sense emotions such as fear, panic, and hatred as well as kindness, and love by the scent of a person. They are used to carry people and cargo, and pull carts and wagons. When they die, their skin is used to make a hard leather armor, bones are made into tools and weapons, and teeth sometimes become jewelry or parts of weapons.

Ecological Niche
Beast of Burden

According to legend Guere battled an orc in a great test of Strength. In each event the orc was able to match Guere but not exceed him. Guere was impressed by the orc and grabbed hold of sword and molded sand and clay around it. Guere granted the beast to the orc as a pet. The orc took the beast and grabbed it by the head and mounted it. Or so the legend goes.


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