Divine Law

Public Use of Intoxicating Substances aka - "Unholy Abstraction"

Anyone witnessed smoking, snorting, drinking or otherwise imbibing any chemical substances on temple grounds is considered guilty of Unholy Abstraction. This crime is punished by mock stoning, holy beating and knife targeting.

Mock Stoning
The Templar put you up against a wall, not chained, mind you, just up against it. And you get to pick three people to throw rocks at you. They are blindfolded and spun in a circle. Each one must throw four rocks in the direction of the wall. If you can dodge the rocks, or if they're way off target, that's okay. Most people don't even get hit. But it's embarrassing, and no one wants to have to do it.

Holy Beating
If the offenses continue, then after the third mock-stoning the criminal is blindfolded and the High Priest or Priestess gets to punch them in the face as hard as they can (once).

Knife Targeting
If the offenses continue, then after the third "Holy Beating" the criminal is chained to the wall so that they cannot move, and two drunk and blindfolded gladiators are hired to throw knives at the person. Most, of course, survive this, but some are wounded and occasionally someone dies.

If, after three mock stoning, three holy beatings and one knife targeting routine, the criminal STILL continues to perform drug related acts in public in the Temple District, then the criminal is exiled and banned from the Temple District and if they are caught in the Temple District then they will be sentenced to fight in Ivanhelm to the death.

Nobles and Unholy Abstraction
Nobles are, of course, immune to the entire series of punishments. Instead, if a Noble is caught breaking this law, they must donate fifty royals to the temple that was insulted by the act.


Vandalism defines the wanton destruction of defacement of property. In this case the property of the Temple District and therefore the property of the Gods. Vandalism directed toward the Gods is considered a vile and unholy crime. It is an embarrassment upon the mortals of this world, and invites the wraith of the Gods to fall upon all who dwell here. Therefore the punishment for vandalism in the Temple District is severe.

Upon the first incident, the responsible party shall be remanded to the custody of the priest or priestess of the Temple that he or she has vandalized. There they will serve the priest or priestess for a period of two months, performing any acts requested of them.

Upon the second incident, and if more than one witness is present to describe the act as it occurred, the responsible party shall be maimed. This maiming shall be done in accordance with the God or Goddess that he or she has wronged. For Jhalla, the subject shall suffer the burning of one limb until the flesh has been destroyed. For Foret, the subject shall suffer the consumption of one limb by a carnivorous beast. For Matrim, the subject shall be made incapable of reproduction or participating in the act of reproduction. For Viedre the subject shall have one eye plucked from their head. For Tor, the subject shall have one ear torn from their head. And for Volai, the subject shall have a block of stone hammered into one of their feet for a period of two days.

Nobles, guilty of this crime, must pay for the work necessary to restore the materials damaged to the previous untouched state.


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