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Desert Realm - Play by Post Roleplaying Game

Welcome to the Desert Realm in the age of Nangros.

Vola is a unique world, filled with magical technology and scarred by century old battles between the forces of good and evil. On Vola, water is consumed by magic, and ten thousand years of conflict using such lore has resulted in a place where the majority of the world is now a vast barren desert waste. Here, beasts of the air and the desert carry Humans, Elves and Orks into combat. Airships, balloon ships, and caravans transport goods between cities. This is a harsh environment, where life has adapted to survive in a land of little water and few resources. Ancient and arcane, Vola offers adventure from both above and below. Between the Sky City of Daeleos where Nemesis Riders guard their secret treasures, to the Darklands of the Underworld where the Drow and KarDaHee await with plans of their own, the kingdoms of men continue their struggle to dominate what is left of the ruins of their ancestors.

Now, in this age, and abandoned by the Gods, (or so some believe), the people of Vola struggle under the constant threat of war from the rising forces of the Dark Lord Nangros, a necromancer supreme who seeks to establish himself as the God of this world. For one hundred years, this sadistic evil has ruled the wastelands of the Forwell region, growing his power through blood sacrifices to Hell. Why have the Gods failed to send a champion? How has this evil been allowed to go unchecked?

Prepare yourself for battle and intrigue if you wish to join us, for this is the place for such thing. The spies of Nangros have long since infiltrated the city of Cosvell where the Inquisition and the Temples prepare their armies for the inevitable coming of Nangros. Mercenaries, under the employ of the Dark One attack caravans and airships, seeking to disrupt trade. Alliances between Kingdoms and Empires are made and dissolved as each seeks to ensure their own domination when the final battles take place. Traitors and Heroes fight with words, wits and steel. Seldom are things what they appear to be, and nothing is ever as simple as it looks.

This is the Desert Realm, a Play-by-Post RPG created over a ten year period by a collection of writers from across the world. If you are a fantasy writer who enjoys characterization, complex plot lines, and plenty of adventure, then you’re welcome to join us. Administrators and Moderators are standing by to help you with your character creation and integration into the environment. And, while the game is unique in some aspects, it is still a fantasy-based environment with many familiar aspects. The Background section of the game will quickly supply you with a reference for creating your posts, and any questions you have are welcomed by the staff.

Are you ready for the desert? Drop us a line in the Sound Off section. Give us your thoughts and suggestions. Or, if you feel you want to join in, then let us know. RP is currently in progress, and we’re looking for a few good writers. If you're curious, give us a try. The Desert Realm may be exactly what you're looking for.


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