Potion of Revra

Finely ground stone, Sand Tiger tail hair, Banta dung, Cactus thorn extract, liquified silver, Moonflower cuttings, ground Calex leg bones



The personality of the imbiber will completely flip for twenty-four hours after the potion is taken. If they are generally docile, they will become fierce; if they are shy they will become outgoing; if they are hyper they could become calm and focused - you get the idea.

If you don't know the person, it's like meeting a stranger. You didn't know them before, so you won't know that they're on the potion. If you know them, they would seem different, but it would not be a problem. They still remember you and generally feel the same way about you.

If the potion is made incorrectly by using too much or too little Banta dung, the effects can be permenant. This is gernerally, however, a fairly safe potion.

Note: If a PC takes this, it may change his/her weaknesses for the time being. If your weakness is being rash (taking the potion makes you a clear thinker) then that is no longer a weakness. On the flip side, if you are a clear thinker (taking the potion makes you rash) then you gain a weakness.


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