Appearance of the Priests or Priestesses

Priests/Priestesses of Tor
They commonly wear light blue colored robes, sometimes dyed with patches of white to make it look like a sky with clouds. Priestesses frequently wear a sliver tiara with the symbol of Tor upon it. And men frequently wear a necklace with the same symbol.

Priests/Priestesses of Jhalla
The Priests and Priestesses commonly wear orange robes while the acolytes typically wear brown. Both Priests and Priestesses of Jhalla often have his symbol made from wood or bone on a necklace worn outside the robes.

Priests/Priestesses of Volai
Priests and Priestesses wear gray robes and have polished slate shoulder pads strapped to the outside of their robes with leather. The shoulder pads (called Lapalasis) are a symbol of their station in the order of Volai.

Priests/Priestesses of Matrim
Priests and Priestesses of Matrim wear black robes and a black circlet. The circlet identifies them as a Priests and Priestesses of their order.

Priests/Priestesses of Viedre
Priests and Priestesses typically wear ocean blue or turquoise colored robes. They also wear a heavy silver necklace - that is only a chain with no adornment. This chain identifies them as 'bound' into the service of their God.

Priests/Priestesses of Foret
Priests and Priestesses commonly wear green robes and a necklace made of woven grass fiber with a wooden ring in the middle. This represents the circle of life that they strive to keep going on Vola.

Priests/Priestesses of Guere
Priests and Priestesses commonly wear blood red robes with black trim. Upon their wrists they have steel bracers of good quality. These bracers and the black trim on their robes help identify their station in the order.


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