Pmylg Taydr, the Curse of Nangros

Physicians and Healers know this disease as Amyl Taydr ("PEmae-lu-ge TEahae-de-ra") but among the commoners it is simply known as the Black Death. In areas where Nangros' rule is despised the condition is known as the Blood Curse, or most often the Curse of Nangros.

Analogue Name
This condition does not correspond with a disease or condition from our universe.

Race Affected
Any race may be affected.

Symptoms and Complications
The afflicted person exhibits will exhibit the following symptoms; headache, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, cold hands and feet, chest pain, and finally necrosis. The first six symptoms may manifest in any order within the first 72 hours but are generally seen as listed. The latter two symptoms 99% of the time occur one after the other, chest pain and then necrosis.

Causative Organism/Source
This disease is by two forms of bacteria interacting with one another. Bacteroides Fragilis is commonly found in fecal matter of many organisms and may be found on meat that is improperly cleaned, cut, or prepared. Clostridium Perfringens is ubiquitous in nature and can be found as a normal component of decaying vegetation, marine sediment, the intestinal tract vertebrates, and soil.

Method of Infection
The initial form of infection is in 90% of cases through ingestion of spoiled foods, also known as food poisoning. Improperly prepared foods or foods that were prepared after not being preserved properly before being cooked are common breeding grounds. This could potentially make it very common in the darkened times in Vola. After being ingested the bacteria generally takes as little as two hours to begin manifesting symptoms but have been known to show as late as twelves hours after ingestion.Once the the condition reaches the state of producing chest pain and necrosis the condition may be spread through transition of blood. If an uninfected has a cut on the outside of the body and it comes in contact with the infected blood the uninfected may become infected. If infected blood is ingested the uninfected may become infected. The infection can survive outside the body as long as there is blood for it to inhabit.

Prevention of this disease is as simple as making sure the fruits, meats, and vegetables used for eating are prepared properly from beginning to end. Most importantly, do not serve fruits, meats, or vegetables that have already started to rot. Wash the fruits, meats, and vegetables thoroughly before using them. Make sure meats are thoroughly cooked. Do not come in contact with anyone exhibiting the most extreme symptoms of this disease including chest pains and necrosis.

Treatment of the condition is still very limited. Eonaar berries can be used to help sooth the pain induced by this disease. The Arndr`l Plant can be used as a sedative to help sooth the patients suffering. Calritch's Rotworm is often used as a manner of disposing of the necrotic tissue which much be removed quick to help prevent spreading. If caught at an early stage the water of the Saktus Hectapi may very well be able to prevent it. Once the infected person begins to exhibit pale skin, cold hands and feet, chest pain and necrosis the water will most likely no longer work.

Unfortunately, a cure for this condition has yet to be discovered. The most effective method of survival is removing the necrotic tissue as much as possible or catch the condition early enough to use the Saktus Hectapi water to cure the earliest symptoms.


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