Potion of Minor Healing

Banta embryonic fluid, spider silk, ethanol, rayv blood, calex blood, liquefied quartz, powdered iron pyrite, powdered reaper bone, aspartame, menthol, honey.

This is probably the most common potion created and sold by alchemists.

It's not REALLY cheap, but it's probably one of the cheapest potions you can purchase.

Minor healing acts merely to speed the normal healing process of the body and enhance the immune system. This will roughly increase healing by a factor of ten, making the imbiber of the potion heal ten days in the space of one. In the case of critical injuries, this won't fix the problem completely, but it will keep the victim alive (usually). In the case of minor injuries, this will make it seem as if ten days of healing have passed in one days time.

The effects of this potion will only last one day. After that healing returns to its normal rate.


Scars still form as normal. Regeneration does not occur (unless the character normally regenerates). Poison is not neutralized by this potion, and in fact is increased in speed due to the metabolic shift and if someone with poison in their system takes this potion, then the poison will be quickened, and they will suffer as if ten days of having the poison have passed. Lastly, this potion will cause an increase in thirst, and the imbiber will need to drink lots of water that day.


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