Badge of the Inquisition

The badge depicted below is commonly worn by the Forwell Inquisitors and used to identify themselves to other members of the Inquisition and to the city guard. This allows them to give instructions to the city guard and let all people know that they are members of the Inquisition and are operating with Inquisitional Authority.

During most operations Inquisitors wear the badge as a necklace underneath their tunics so that they can act without the knowledge of people around them that they are Inquisitors. When they need to exercise their authority, however, they simply remove the badge from beneath their tunics and expose it.

All city guard and members of the Forwell Administration are familiar with this symbol. It also resides on the doors of the offices belonging to the Judge Glave and the GladHammer. It may appear in other secretive locations as well, such as the torture chamber and hidden administrative halls where the Inquisition Administration keeps their records and operations.

Should one of these badges be acquired by a person who is not an Inquisitor and used to falsely represent the Inquisition, then there will be a bounty of 500 royals placed upon their head, and when they are captured they will be tortured to death by the Inquisition using the forbidden techniques of the Sadre Madre Dea.

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