Potion of Hideous Strength

Dragon blood, liquefied ignecium, liquefied ruby, fricken guts, human adrenal extract, liquefied chromium.

Extremely Rare

Very Expensive

Hideous strength is dangerous primarily because it does not enhance the durability of the body to fully compensate for the increased physical strength. For the most part, only muscle tissue is effected. Because of this, it is easy to harm yourself using this potion. Imbibers of Hideous Strength typically find their physical strength increased to 20 times that of normal.

Because of the strength increase, imbibers of this potion often find themselves feeling extremely good and energetic. They can perform incredible feats of strength such as lifting entire boulders or crushing huge stones with a hammer, or beating down doors. But they must be careful, or they will injure themselves doing this. Using weaponry and tools is advised, as this often prevents body parts from suffering the impact damage.

The effects of the potion last for about 3 hours or 7 posts, whichever comes first.

How others can deal with the effects.

Lifting a huge boulder can throw your back out. Punching stone and plate steel can shatter your fist. Leaping long distances can break your legs on impact. Basically you need to be careful not to overdo it.


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