Potion of Fricken Breath

Fried Fricken skin, powdered Sand Tiger horn, liquified ingencium, liquified rubies, breath of a female fricken about to lay an egg, Drover snot


Very Expensive

The imbiber of this potion, if he manages to swallow it (for it tastes very foul indeed), will find himself able to breath fire at will for the next twenty-four hours. They will have smoke come out of their nostrils during the whole twenty-four hours, and the amount will increase right before and after fire is breathed.

The fire cone reaches five feet in front of the person at max and will ignite things and hurt people. The cone rapidly tapers down after the begining of use, so it is only good in short bursts.

Run away, stay away, and don't come near. You could try dodging the flame or use water to put it out, though that would be very expensive.

Once in a great while the potion will have a reverse effect where the flame will head backwards into the user's body. This will probably result in death.


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