Dragon's Blood (reagent)

Pure blood of a dragon.

Incredibly Rare

Not for sale at any price

Drinking dragons blood will kill you, but first it will drive you insane and make you incredibly strong for several hours, putting you in a rage and forcing you to go berserk and attack anything and everything. For this reason, no one drinks it.

A few drops of it on a wound will purify that wound, eliminating the effects of any poisons and diseases.

Dragon's blood is primarily used as a reagent in other potions and elixirs. It is has a very strong magical intensity to it, and is prized by alchemists for this reason. But by itself it is not typically used. It does, however, sometimes serve as a component is a variety of powerful spells.

Dispel magic on the person who drinks it will neutralize the effects.

It's deadly if consumed. It is primarily valued as a reagent or spell component, and is worth a huge amount to any alchemist or wizard.

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