Potion of Dimlayt


Incredibly Rare

Not for sale at any price

Causes the imbiber to vanish as a thread in the lines of fate and probability. Those who have psionic or magical abilities to look into probable futures will not see or detect the presence or manipulations of this individual for so long as the potion remains active. Those who have a psionic or magical "danger sense" or precognitive capacity that warns them of impending attacks will not sense this individual and will not know of any attacks or actions performed by this individual while the potion remains active.

The potion remains active for one day once it has been imbibed.

Only effects you if you are a precog or can see the future.

It's only manufactured the the Signum Fatalis order in the Barony of Daroon, and it is a secret only they possess. The existence of this potion is not even known to the general population, and only a few alchemists and wizards world-wide are aware that it exists (and they are sworn to secrecy and are members of the Signum Fatalis).


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