Potion of Desert Hawk

Hawk Shift

Monkey Fungus, Essence of Ork, Liquified ruby, Desert Hawk skin, Desert Hawk blood, dust, calex adrenal gland extract.

Extremely Rare

Very Expensive

Transforms the imbiber into a Desert Hawk for approximately six hours or 7 posts, whichever comes first. Does not effect or transform the imbibers gear or clothing (and they will be naked when the potion wears off).

While in the form of a Desert Hawk, the imbiber will retain their native mental intelligence and personality. They may still use psionics if they have them, but may not cast spells or use magic. They may communicate using common, however their language will be difficult to understand and it is expected that anyone attempting to speak in this form will post their dialogue as messed up.

In combat, the hawk operates the same as a Desert Hawk would, and therefore anything that would normally be done to battle a Desert Haw will work. Arrows and bolts being the most effective.

Clothing and gear is not effected and does not transform. If the re-transformation occurs in the air, then the Imbiber will fall and suffer impact damage. The imbiber will find themselves extremely thirst for several hours after they transform back to their normal state.


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