Potion of Azaron

Also called "Tears of Foret" and "Plant Growth"

Essence of Orc, phosphous, nitrogen, calcium phosphate, liquefied emerald, sunlight, sonic vibration (song), faerie dust.

Extremely Rare

Extremely Expensive

Super-accelerates the growth of plants by magically altering their metabolism. If you pour this on a plant, it will cause that plant to grow to its maximum size in the space of a few minutes.

Note: this potion is deadly to Orcs, and if they drink it, then it will kill them.

You can use "drops" of this to partially accelerate plant growth. There is enough in one vial for twenty "drops" or one full dose on up to five plants.

Once the plant has reached its maximum size, it will stop growing.

Don't pour it on plants that will attack you, and if you do then don't stand next to them. In general, step away from the plant you pour it on when it begins to grow.

If there is no water available for the plant when it begins growing, it will still grow, but it will wither and die.



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